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Circularity & Sustainability Workshops

Whether you are looking to create a new sustainable product or service, or integrate a new level of circularity into an existing one, we can design a workshop to meet your needs. 


Sustainability & Circular Expertise 

The Sustainability Challenge

Reaching Net-Zero requires a major sustainability transformation on all fronts, including a move towards increased Circularity. Put simply – less new means less CO2.

What is Circularity

Increasing Circularity means changing the way we use, consume and produce. Moving from the supply of products to the provision of consumption based services.

Business & Circular Expertise 

Drawing from 20 years engineering, and business transformation experience, I can support you as you move towards more circular business models, that are good for the environment and for business.

Do You Know How To Find The Circular Opportunity?

Circularity isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for business. By maximising product life and usage, and engaging customers and your buy and supply ecosystem, you can inspire loyalty and generate efficiencies that result in savings throughout the value stream and product lifecycle, and increased customer satisfaction. Innovation Design Sprint Workshops help your team innovate for sustainability, to maximise business opportunity and drive sustainability.Want to find out more? Follow the ideas page where I will be sharing posts and ideas around circularity, sustainability and innovation.  

What is a Sprint workshop? Great question! 

The big idea with the Design Sprint is to build and test a prototype in just five days. In a process designed by Google Ventures, you’ll take a small team, clear the schedule for four or 5 days, and rapidly progress from problem to tested solution using a proven step-by-step approach.

Innovation Design Sprint Workshop - Meldrum Consulting

At the end of the workshop your team will have a tested prototype for a solution and a shared vision of where they will to go next.

Scheduling Your Workshop:
Where we Start & what happens Next

Understanding that you’re busy with day to day planning and operations, I will work with you and your team to make sure the workshop execution is a simple as possible. With three simple steps…

Step 1

Frame your Challenge in 2 Hours

Starting with a meeting with the workshop organiser and core members of the team. We establish the challenge you want to solve, define the format the prototype will take, and establish who will attend the workshop in the team, as experts, users, and to support prototype production.

Step 2

Design and Schedule your Workshop

In the background I design your workshop and arrange the session to ensure we are ready to learn lots, thik and innovate fast and really have a lot of fun while doing in!

Step 3

Workshop time! 

In the final step I facilitate and manage your workshop, taking the team step by step through the whole process, ensuring all the team are engaged and that we capture the challenge and stay on track to innovate and define the solution.

Book your workshop!

Let’s discuss your ideas and challenges and design your workshop!

Simply select a day, find a good time, confirm the workshop details, and your initial meeting where we will shape your workshop. 

Workshop Pricing

Pricing includes my services, working with you to understand your needs, designing a workshop to meet your challenge, and hosting and facilitating the session. Any costs for travel or additional technical resources (for example for prototype build) would incur additional costs.

1-Day Workshop

Applying a fresh approach & focusing on one specific challenge

Tailored evaluations for specific topics

Engage & inspire your team

Evaluate fast, scope & plan for the future

Full 4-Day Design Sprint

Design Sprint Workshops combining innovation, business strategy and design thinking.

Map, innovate, prototype & test in 4 days

Solve big problems using a fresh perspective

Design to user and expert needs, innovate to drive end-2-end value 

2-Day Workshop

Workshops designed to assess specific challenges, issues and topics.

Tailored evaluations for specific topics

Engage & inspire your team

Evaluate fast, scope & plan for the future

Are you a non-profit organisation or a start-up? Reach out to discuss specially reduced rates. 

The Power of The Design Sprint Process

What people are saying about the Design Sprint processes designed by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures, the Design Thinking approach and why it’s so great!

Design thinking research can lead to a 75% reduction in design & delivery time, often reducing an 8 month project to 3 or 4 months.

Additionally, IBM have found that the number of defects goes down by 50% with this type of up-front work.

IBM, Design Research Team

“Every business leader I know worries about the same thing: Are we moving fast enough? The genius of Sprint is its step-by-step breakdown of what it takes to do work that matters with speed and urgency. A sprint is a cure for what ails companies in an ever faster world.”

Beth Comstock, Vice Chair of GE

“Powerful methods for hatching ideas, solving problems, and testing solutions.”

Charles Duhigg, Author of The Power of Habit

“Jake Knapp and the team at Google Ventures have refined an efficient, hands-on approach to solving your product, service and experience design challenges.”

Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

“A transformative formula for testing ideas that works whether you’re at a startup or a large organization.”

Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Startup

“do what [the Sprint] says if you want to build better products faster.”

Ev Williams, Founder of Twitter and Medium

Clients & Partners

Some of the inspiring organisations I have been supporting and working with in Meldrum Consulting.

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