Workshops, consulting and coaching services to help you explore, understand, define and seize the innovation and circularity opportunity for your business.

Innovation Design Sprint Workshops

Starting with your challenge or innovation idea and overview of the product and team, I’ll design and facilitate a workshop aligned to your unique needs, that’s fun and engaging for your team!

Sustainability & Circularity Workshops

Whether you’re looking to design a circular service for your customers, optimise your buy or supply frameworks, or re-engineer your lifecycle, I can tailor a workshop to help. 

Consulting and Coaching

Working one-on-one with you, or together with your team, to help you explore and understand your innovation challenges and circular and sustainability opportunities. 

Innovation Design Sprint Workshops designed to your needs.

Focusing on your key challenge or opportunity area, we frame the challenge, then I design and facilitate a unique workshop aligned to your needs. We can do a full Design Sprint Workshop (as developed by Google Ventures) and go from a concept to a tested prototype product, service or lifecycle in a week. Or if you prefer, I can design smaller workshops and exercises that help your team understand, analyse and find solutions for key challenge areas. 

Available both online and in person. 

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Circularity & Sustainability Specialist Workshops

Whether you are looking to create a new sustainable product or service, or integrate a new level of circularity into an existing one, we can design a workshop to meet your needs. 

Consulting and Coaching, helping you understand and explore the circular and sustainability opportunity

Innovation, Sustainability, and Circularity Consulting

Working one-on-one with strategic leaders and innovative companies to help you explore and understand the circular and sustainability opportunity. Coaching on sustainability, circularity, innovation and transformation strategy. Supporting you in identifying market opportunities that allow you to grow into the new rapidly growing green economy. Helping you understand and establish innovation throughout your product lifecycle and value stream.


We met on LinkedIn on 28th of October 2021. Just a simple note about the power of collaboration was enough. With a Teams meeting two days later, discussing my presentation about aerospace standards and sustainability.

For a long time I was trying to find somebody knowledgeable about aerospace industry and sustainability and at the same time not extreme and unreasonable. I will always be thankful for great suggestions and remarks about my presentation regarding aerospace standards and sustainability.

My 20 minutes at the podium in Toulouse was smashing. The audience was full of young aviation engineers and the takeaway for them were your words:

“You will design it and we will cover it with standards.” Believe me those words were remembered.

It is great to work with you. I am sure our paths will cross again many times in the future.

Marijan Jozic

Director European Operation | OctonX

Rebecca provided an exceptional and invaluable input. Bringing a fresh innovative perspective on sustainability, along with supporting and coaching the team as needed.

Courtney Howard

Sr. Technical Content Developer | SAE International.

Clients & Partners

Some of the inspiring organisations I have been supporting and working with in Meldrum Consulting.

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