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Innovating and moving forwards while balancing the day to day demands of delivery isn’t easy. The accelerating pace of change, new consumer attitudes to sustainability, increasing levels of green regulation, and unprecedented supply chain risk, is causing many companies to reconsider how and where they really need to innovate to ensure long term success.

Rest assured, I can help your innovation and circularity transformation journey! Using a range of proven Design Sprint Workshop, Value Proposition and Lifecycle Evaluation approaches, underpinned by expertise in business innovation and transformation. Working with you to quickly understand your challenges and needs, and ensure you have the right knowledge and support to facilitate your company in rapid innovation, prototype and test of the right solutions for your company, your supply and distribution network, and your customers.

With my support your company can: Innovate new products or services that enhance your portfolio. Establish Circular Services that inspire your customers, supply and distribution networks and employees. Align teams to a shared vision and understanding, while reenergizing their way ahead. Learn and understand what Sustainability and Circularity means to your business and how it can deliver opportunity that differentiates you with your customers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any ideas or questions you might have. 

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