Engineering the Circular Economy Lifecycle
The Circular Economy model provides a new level of opportunity to holistically, innovate new business models and extract value from […]
💪💡🌍 Really looking forward to presenting on Thursday at the #AeroTech Digital Summit on how #Circularity can be used for […]
Also looking forward to seeing the Youth Panel, at the #AeroTech digital summit! It’ll be great to see the youth […]
The Design Sprint Challenge is the point for the workshop, one that will clarify what you are working to achieve […]
Sustainable Aviation Fuel Hurdles - SAF - Meldrum Consulting
Sustainable Fuel: Where we need to innovate This is a great article (below), that looks at the hurdles that need […]
Engaging the Global Youth . Meldrum Consulting
It’s great to see ICAO engaging the global youth to innovate and champion for sustainability in aviation! Here’s their announcement […]
Have you seen this diagram and wondered what the difference is between the two halves? This video gives a great […]
KITRO is a state-of-the-art imaging solution that provides instant analysis of your food waste. I love the brilliant combination of […]
An Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Example Origin: Colorado, US View website AMP’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform AMP NeuronTM uses cameras […]
Aviation might be relatively unaware about how circular we are, but I think we’re perfect to lead the charge when […]

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