AeroTech Digital Summit: Presentation & Panel

💪💡🌍 Really looking forward to presenting on Thursday at the #AeroTech Digital Summit on how #Circularity can be used for #valuecreation while driving #Sustainability

☀️ Please ask if you need help innovating for circulatory! ☀️

Before moderating what promises to be a very interesting panel:

#RadicalRethinking #CircularLifecycles and #MaintenanceInSpace

where we will explore leading #CircularInnovation in #Aviation and #Space and the opportunities for the future.

Joined by: Derek Harris of Skyrora Ltd, Luca Leone of AERALIS, Bernd M. Weiss of Luleå University of Technology, and Robin Trigueira of CompPair Technologies Ltd. 🚀🌍✈️

Space was chosen as the topic for the panel discussion, to push the concept of Circulatory and Sustainability to its limit and see where we could take the discussion with the right panellists – further than I imagined, is the answer.

We can’t wait to see you there! #aerospace #aviation #technology #aerotech22 SAE International

Courtney E. Howard | Marijan Jozic | Jeremy L. VanDomelen | Yocova | Meldrum Consulting