Hello, I’m here to help your innovation and sustainability journey!

Innovating and moving forwards while balancing the day to day demands of delivery isn’t easy. The accelerating pace of change, new consumer attitudes to sustainability, increasing levels of green regulation, and unprecedented supply chain risk, is causing many companies to reconsider how and where they really need to innovate to ensure long term success.

Rest assured, I can help your innovation and circularity transformation journey! Using a range of proven Design Sprint Workshop, Value Proposition and Lifecycle Evaluation approaches, underpinned by expertise in business innovation and transformation. Working with you to quickly understand your challenges and needs, and ensure you have the right knowledge and support to facilitate your company in rapid innovation, prototype and test of the right solutions for your company, your supply and distribution network, and your customers.

With my support your company can: Innovate new products or services that enhance your portfolio. Establish Circular Services that inspire your customers, supply and distribution networks and employees. Align teams to a shared vision and understanding, while reenergizing their way ahead. Learn and understand what Sustainability and Circularity means to your business and how it can deliver opportunity that differentiates you with your customers.


Workshops, consulting and coaching services to help you explore, understand, define and seize the innovation and circularity opportunity for your business.  

Innovation Design Sprint Workshops

Starting with your challenge or innovation idea and overview of the product and team, I’ll design and facilitate a workshop aligned to your unique needs, that’s fun and engaging for your team!

Sustainability & Circularity Workshops

Whether you’re looking to design a circular service for your customers, optimise your buy or supply frameworks, or re-engineer your lifecycle, I can tailor a workshop to help. 

Consulting and Coaching

Working one-on-one with you, or together with your team, to help you explore and understand your innovation challenges and circular and sustainability opportunities. 

Innovation Design Sprint Workshops designed to your needs.

Focusing on your key challenge or opportunity area, we frame the challenge, then I design and facilitate a unique workshop aligned to your needs. We can do a full Design Sprint Workshop (as developed by Google Ventures) and go from a concept to a tested prototype product, service or lifecycle in a week. Or if you prefer, I can design smaller workshops and exercises that help your team understand, analyse and find solutions for key challenge areas. 

Available both online and in person. 


Circularity & Sustainability Specialist Workshops

Whether you are looking to create a new sustainable product or service, or integrate a new level of circularity into an existing one, I can design a workshop to meet your needs. 

Consulting and Coaching, helping you understand and explore the circular and sustainability opportunity

Innovation, Sustainability, and Circularity Consulting

Working one-on-one with strategic leaders and innovative companies to help you explore and understand the circular and sustainability opportunity. Coaching on sustainability, circularity, innovation and transformation strategy. Supporting you in identifying market opportunities that allow you to grow into the new rapidly growing green economy. Helping you understand and establish innovation throughout your product lifecycle and value stream.

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Innovation Workshops & Consulting

Whether you’re focused on new product, service or sustainability innovation, I’ll deliver a workshop tailored to your business needs. Using a format based on the innovative approach developed by Google Ventures, that combines innovation, business strategy and design thinking, we can bring your team together to understand the challenge, innovate, prototype and test the solution in just 4 days.


A new idea.
Delivered as a
solution .
That adds
value for those
who use the output or
are impacted by it’s creation.

There are many definitions of innovation. Simply put though it is ideas and solutions that deliver value. A ‘new idea’ can anything new to your company, it need not be a world first idea. The key to innovation is delivery, in order to add value. Value can be for the customer or company directly, or for others impacted indirectly by it’s production and delivery. Working with Meldrum Consulting helps you find that innovation that drives your value.  

Innovation is how companies grow and lead into the future. How they inspire customers, employees, partners, the market, investors, shareholders. Innovation is more than one big hot new project, it’s a mindset of innovation and  improvement to stay current and competitive. 

A path to solve big problems and test new ideas faster. Why I love the Design Sprint approach for rapid innovation – Widely proven & recognised to save time & cost, it delivers innovative solutions & insights in a week that traditional approaches can take months to achieve.


Sustainability & Circular Expertise 

The Sustainability Challenge

Reaching Net-Zero requires a major sustainability transformation on all fronts, including a move towards increased Circularity. Put simply – less new means less CO2.

What is Circularity

Increasing Circularity means changing the way we use, consume and produce. Moving from the supply of products to the provision of consumption based services.

Business & Circular Expertise 

Drawing from 20 years engineering, and business transformation experience, I can support you as you move towards more circular business models, that are good for the environment and for business.

Clients & Partners

Some of the inspiring organisations I have been supporting and working with in Meldrum Consulting.

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